Working with documents: uploading and deleting files

Working with documents: uploading and deleting files

Jusnote allows you to save different documents for collaborative work, filtering them by categories, matters, clients, time of creation, and other criteria. 

Jusnote supports these formats of documents: .png, .jpeg, .tiff, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .rft, .opendocument, .exel.

The maximum size of the document is 20 MB. 

The document can be uploaded to the following records: "The Contact," "the Matter," "the Task," "the Event," "the Expense," and "the Expense."

The uploaded file to the system or added to the specific record will appear in different places of Jusnote. In particular, in the "Documents" table from the left sidebar, in the accurate "Contact" or "Matter" cards, selected while uploading the document. 

You can't upload .zip because, in this case, the system won't be able to run the preview of files. 

Any needed document can be uploaded to the system from the "Documents" from the system's left sidebar. 

By using the "..." button in the table, you'll be able to go deeper into the specific card of the document, edit the file, change its name, or accomplish other actions. 

After taping on the "Add the document" button, the system will open the pop-up window and give the ability to enter the information about the document. 

If you tap in the "Additional parameters," you'll be able to open more fields and enter the additional information about the document, such as selecting the "Power of attorney" or "Warrant." 

Any User that is uploading a file to the system can set the personal "Reminder" and enter the notification about the document. For example, "extend power of attorney", "check the validity of the contract," etc."

Please note: 

  • The message that is written in the Reminder will be sent only to that person who directly uploaded the file. 

After taping on the "Save" button, the file will be saved in Jusnote. 

Any file can be uploaded from any pop-up window that has the clip icon in the description section.  

Each uploaded file to the system has its "Card of the document" with the general information and the preview window. If you tap on the "More" button in the document card, you'll see additional possibilities for working with the document (print, download, etc.)

Deleting files

Any document can be deleted from the system by the user that has appropriate permissions. 

Please note:

  • Uploaded to the "Contact" or "Matter" files can be deleted from the "Documents" table by any user that has access to that Contact or Matter.
  • Files that are attached to the Task, Event, Correspondence, Matter, Time, or Expense entry, after deleting of these entities will be automatically deleted from the "Documents" section. If these documents are still needed in the system, you can upload them from the general "Documents" section. 
  • Filed that are attached to the "Contact," after its deleting, will be removed from the "Documents" section.
  • All the removed files can be recovers from the bin by the Administrator during 30 calendar days. 

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