How to invite team members to Jusnote?

Invite employees to Jusnote

A user with Administrator rights has the right to invite anyone for shared use of Jusnote. 

To invite a person (an employee of a legal company, an attorney to work together on a particular project, etc.), the Administrator must go to the section from the left main menu, which is "Settings," and then to the "Team" submenu.

Summary information about all active, deactivated, and invited team members will be opened in the "Team" section.

After clicking the "Invite" button, the appropriate window with an invitation will appear.


Administrator - A user with this permission will see the "Settings" tab on the Jusnote sidebar and will be able to configure the system, add or deactivate Users, and assign additional Administrators.

Accounts - A user with this permission will see the "Accounts" tab on the Jusnote sidebar, will be able to add information about current accounts, conduct transactions through the account, and see the balance and transactions on bank accounts.

Reports - A user with this permission can see the "Reports" tab in the Jusnote sidebar on the left and can create various reports.

Billing - A user with this permission can see the "Invoices" tab in the Jusnote sidebar and will be able to create, edit, and delete invoices, as well as
register payments in the system without entering the "Accounts" tab.

Please note, if no access right is selected for the invited person, that person will have the rights of a "regular" user in the system, i.e., to bill time, plan work, view documents in projects (to which they have access), etc., without viewing financial data.

Learn more about roles and permission types in Jusnote - Read

Administrator can change the access rights of a particular user at any time by opening the functional submenu located to the right of each user in the table and clicking on the "Access rights" button or deactivating the user.


Administrator can also grant or cancel permission to the User on their personal card. To do this, you need to go to the profile of the required User in the "Team" section and click "Change" in the "Role, permissions" field.

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