How to sign documents using DocuSign in Jusnote

How to sign documents using DocuSign in Jusnote

Jusnote lets you sign documents using the digital signature technology provided by DocuSign. This makes the signing process fast, user-friendly, and secure.

How to install DocuSign in Jusnote

The installation of DocuSign doesn’t take long. This requires going through just a few steps:

  1. Go to "Settings";
  2. Tap on "Plugins";
  3. Then click on the "Install" button that is located near "DocuSign - Sign Documents Swiftly";

The system will show the indication of a successful installation of the plugin. From now, DocuSign is connected to your Jusnote account!
DocuSign can be installed only by the administrator on the entire Jusnote account. This means that once installed, the plugin can be used by all users of the account.
A non-administrator cannot install DocuSign in Jusnote but can log in to any of his accounts.

How to authorize in DocuSign

You can access the DocuSign account from two places:
  1. By clicking on the "Settings" icon in the list of plugins - then "Login";
  2. When signing a document by clicking on the "Sign with DocuSign" button;

Authorization from the list of plugins:

  1. Click on the "Settings" icon located near the "Installed" button;

2. Click on "Login". The system will redirect you to DocuSign, where you need to enter your login and password if you already have an account or create the new one.
The process of creating a DocuSign account doesn't take more than 2-3 minutes.

DocuSign will ask you to provide access to Jusnote. Click the "Allow access" button.

Authorization from a document page

When the DocuSign plugin is installed, the "Sign with DocuSign" button will appear on the document card. If you haven’t logged in to your account yet, the system will firstly redirect you to authorization, and only after that to the page of signing the document.

How to Sign Documents with DocuSign

1. Go to the document card;
2. Click on "Sign with DocuSign";

3. Go through the standardized document signing process from DocuSign;

You can always track the status of the signing of a document right on its card. Thus, until the document is signed by a counterparty, you will see the "Signing" indication.
4. After signing the document by a counterparty, you will receive notifications both in Jusnote and on mobile devices where the Jusnote App is installed.

In the list of all documents, the signed document will be labeled with the DocuSign icon .

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