How to Create New Tags in Jusnote

How to Create New Tags in Jusnote

Tags are used to classify and organize your contacts, projects, and documents in Jusnote. These are unique markers or keywords that you can use to further filter or search for relevant contact groups, projects, and documents. 

For example, you can create an additional type of client called "Client in the Crown" or "VIP" to identify your most important contacts. It also applies to both projects and documents.

How to create new tags?

Tags can be created from different parts of the system.

1. A user with administrator rights can create a corresponding tag in the "Settings" section - the "Tags" directory.

Other users can create tags when creating or editing a contact, project, or document.

2. Any user can also create a new tag in the appropriate contact, project, or document card.

For illustrative purposes, you can customize the display of tags in the table of contacts, projects, or documents by selecting the appropriate column in the table settings.

If necessary, you can filter contacts, projects, or documents by the chosen tag. 

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