How to stop the automatic renewal of the subscription

How to stop the automatic renewal of the subscription

For your convenience, when paying for the selected subscription plan, by default the system turns on the automatic renewal. It means that when your subscription plan expires, Jusnote automatically writes off funds for the next month or year (depends on the chosen plan). 

If you want to cancel the automatic renewal of the subscription, the system administrator should go to the setting section in the left sidebar of the system and tap on the "Subscription" button.

After selecting the Subscription section, the system will open a page where you can get all the information about your current plan, subscription period, the number of active and paid users, as well as the history of all payments for Jusnote. In the left lower corner you can cancel the automatic renewal of the subscription by tapping on the "Cancel subscription" button 

Please note that in case of the absence of the "Cancel subscription" button, the automatic renewal of the subscription wasn't set up by the administrator. 

After you cancel the auto-renewal, the subscription will be valid until the date of its expiration. After this term is expired, the system administrator needs to renew the subscription manually. To learn more about how to purchase a subscription, read this article.

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