First 5 steps to start using Jusnote

First 5 steps to start using Jusnote

To start using Junsote, you need to go through these 5 simple steps. 

Step 1. Login

  1. Visit and tap on "Try for free" in the upper right corner. If you already have an account in Jusnote, just tap on Login and enter your credentials.

Step 2. Adding team members

  1. On the "Settings" page, tap on the "Team" button. The system will open the special page where you can add your employees.
  2. On this page, you need to tap on the "Invite" button in the upper right corner. Jusnote will immediately open the pop-up where you enter the employee's information, Email, as well as select the right permissions, that are appropriate to the position of the employee in the firm. If you want to learn more about roles and permissions in Jusnote, please tap here.
  3. In the employees' profiles, set their billing preferences. 

To set and billing preferences of each employee, tap on the specific user on the Team page > Edit Billing PreferencesYou can learn more about billing preferences here.

To learn more about how to invite the employees to Jusnote, tap here.

Step 3. Setting up the main currency and the default rate

  1. On the "Settings" page, tap on the "Billing preferences" section.
  2. On the "Billing preferences" page, enter your main billing parameters, which will be used in different places of Jusnote by default. 

Learn more about setting up the main currency and rates by default here.

Step 4. Setting up directories by default. 

  1. On the "Settings" page, tap on the "Directories" section. 
  2. On the "Directories" page, enter your main parameters about practice areas, categories of expenses, types of activities, lawyers' types of activities, document categories, types of relations withing contacts, and types of persons. 

To learn more about managing your practice areas in Jusnote, please visit this page.

Step 5. Setting up correspondence

  1. On the "Settings" page, tap on the "Correspondence" section. 
  2. On the "Correspondence" page, set up the main parameters of incoming and outgoing letters, that automatically will be applied during the work with correspondence. 

Read more about setting up the Junsote account here

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