Setting up document categories

Setting up document categories

Jusnote allows you to determine the categories of documents that are related to legal practice. Available document categories in this directory are used in various places of Jusnote locations and different filters.

Creating a new category of documents

To create a new document category or edit/delete existing categories, go to the "Settings" menu in the left sidebar and click on the "Directories" tab.

After clicking on the "Directories" button, the system will open a page where you can add a new one or change or delete an existing category. By default, several categories of documents are already created in the system.

By clicking on the "+ Add" button, the system will open the "Create document category" pop-up. Here you can specify the name of your new category.

After saving the created category, it will be visible in different places of Jusnote. Categories of documents available in the system will be shown in filters, matters, reports, tasks, events, etc.).

Editing categories

On the Document Categories page, click "Edit" on the category you want to change.

If you want to edit the category, the system will open the same pop-up window, and the "Name" field will be displayed as when creating a new practice.

After editing, you will need to save your changes.
Please note: The original information about the category name will not be saved anywhere in Jusnote after editing and saving changes. The new name will be used in all matters, reports, and filters.
Deleting a category

Select the category and click "Delete".

Please note: After deleting a category, the corresponding field in filters, sections, and tabs of the documents in which the specified category was used before, will be empty.

You will receive a warning pop-up before deleting. Click "Yes" to confirm the deletion.

Learn more about managing legal practices in Jusnote here. 

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